Toulouse: In the back kitchen of virtual catering

the essential For more than a year, dark kitchens, also called virtual restaurants, have been opening in the Pink City.Since the first confinement, their number has exploded ...

They do not exist.Virtual restaurants do not welcome their customers, they deliver them.They operate thanks to platforms such as Uber Eats or Deliveroo.In Paris, this phenomenon has existed for more than three years.It has developed and ended up reaching Toulouse more than a year ago.The goal is to reduce the cost for restaurateurs as much as possible.

Julien Cabannes is one of the first in the Pink City to have created one.Thanks to the kitchens of his Eat Sushi restaurants, he was able to create Poke and Co, a virtual brand."I was in the delivery before the platforms arrived .We ended up with several competitors at once.Thanks to this virtual restaurant, I gain visibility.I can be competitive again! ", Says the manager.This new market is occupied by nearly 40 virtual restaurants.The two managers of La Manufacture in Toulouse now own more than ten.

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"We had created three.During the first lockdown, Uber Eats sent us an email to urge us to create more by ensuring a 25% increase in turnover.We have space in our kitchens .Our staff is qualified to prepare many dishes and we have the ingredients.All the conditions were met, "says Quentin Lacointa, co-manager of the Manufacture.

Posted Date: 2020-11-17

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